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Find a plan that is right for you

Listing an ad in the Qpond Buy and Sell Pond is FREE. But we do offer some affordable "bump up" and "feature" packages for those who wish to stand out in the Pond. When you buy any of these packages, during check out you can change the QUANTITY option of 1 to 2 or more and it will bank FEATURED credits for you. They will appear every time you place an ad to use WHENEVER and on WHATEVER ad you choose. You can choose to use it or keep it BANKED to use at another time. So you can pick the 10 day featured and in your check out choose Quantity 4 and you would be charged $20 and you will have 4 FEATURED Credits added to your account. FEATURED 10 DAYS: If you want to purchased Featured 10 days, you can apply this credit to your ad at anytime after purchase. All regular ads run for 30 days, this lets you FEATURE your ad for 10 of the 30. FEATURED 30 DAYS: If you want to have your ad FEATURED the entire 30 days then you much purchase the Featured 30 days plan below before listing your ad. After you click on buy now, then click again to SEE CART and you will be taken to the checkout. From there, after you pay, credits are applied to your account to use when submitting your ad.

Featured 10 Days

For 10 Day Only


  • Ad Runs 30 Days - Featured 10 Days
  • 1  Featured ads availability
  •   Regular ads availability
  • For  10  days
  • Stand Out - Be Featured

Featured 30 Days

For 30 Day Only


  • 30 Days - Featured 30 Days
  • 1  Featured ads availability
  •   Regular ads availability
  • For  30  days
  • Feature Your Ad ALL 30 Days