Ad Renewal after 30 Days

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Ad Renewal after 30 Days

If your item hasn’t sold within the 30 days of your ad running, you will have to go into your Account Dashboard and click renew on your ad.

Note: we do NOT send our reminders for ad renewals as we allow them to remain in your Account Dashboard folder to renew at any time at your desire.  But, we ask that you please DELETE any of your ads that sold or you no longer wish to promote on the buy and sell site.  This not only keeps your dashboard more organized for ongoing ads, but it helps keep our database running most efficient.

If you don’t know how to get into your dashboard, you click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right hand side of the program in the upper green bar, or click on the menu where it says My Account.  From here you can control a host of things that pertain to your account – including password changes, account updates,  bumping ads, renewing ads, and even purchasing packages to feature you ads on the home page with a featured banner.

We hope you appreciate that we will not be sending you constant annoying emails to remind you to renew your ad as some buy and sell sites do..  We felt that this way you have control over  when you want to run your ads.

We recommend that you keep checking your account dashboard to see when you ad expires.

Below is a pic of how the buy and sell dashboards look:

If your ad is up for renewal, one of the green buttons will say RENEW on it. You simply click on the renew ad and you will be able to run your ad for another 30 days.

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