Why do I have to register account Again

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Why do I have to register account Again

As you can see, Qpond is comprised of a variety of sections that are made up of what is referred to as Subdomains.  It is all qpond, but you must register your username and password for each segment or section if you wish to use that section to place an ad.  You can use the same username and password for each section. You don’t have to use different log in credentials.  So for example, if you register with the buy and sell section, then you want to place an ad in the auto pond, you must first register and then log in and you can now place an ad in the auto pond.. once you register, you won’t have to register again on either the buy and sell or the auto pond as you have already registered on both.  But, if you now want to submit an auction item on the auction pond, you will have to ONE TIME register with the auction pond – and again. you can use the same username and password.  Then you can use the Auction Pond.

Unfortunately we tried a variety of programs to have it so that one registration would carry over all the different segments of our multi purpose site, but at present, there are no programs out there that do this task without issues.   We tried two different programs and both failed.  We apologize for this slight inconvience and hope you understand.  When a program is created that can address this situation, we will certainly add it to our site and resolve this issue.

Remember – this is only an issue if you are using more then one segment of our site – ie: the autopond, the auction pond, buy and sell, qpond, and the mall etc..   You can browse and view all sites within Qpond without having to register an account. You only need to register if you are going to post an ad, or buy from someone who has posted, or make request to email the poster.

Thank you again.

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